A time of retreat can be invaluable in encouraging a preferential option for life from the centre of our own lived experience. Retreats at Siloam are informed by contemporary Christian spirituality and include periods of silence. There is the opportunity for spiritual direction and support during these times.

The Centre has accommodation for one person only for a weekend live-in retreat.  Other arrangements can be made for longer retreats.

However the following retreats are possible through Siloam.

Directed Retreats: weekend live-in to 6 – 8 days live out.

Retreats in Everyday Life: does not require a person to leave their family or work commitments.

Weekend Retreats: from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon: these may or may not include meeting with a spiritual director.

Days of Retreat and Reflection: for individuals or small groups up to 10 people.

For further information contact Siloam Centre.

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